Configure wireless on Raspberry Pi

Follow instructions from previous Install kali on Pi

N.B. Connecting Pi by USB only provides power

How do I find Pi on my network?

  • open a terminal
  • ifconfig (Check what network you are on e.g.
  • nmap (to scan all hosts on the network and look for a device that just has SSH running)
  • ssh root@<ip address from step above>
  • if you haven’t changes default password from previous tutorial then use (root/toor) to authenticate session
  • change root password

Setup Wi-Fi

  • Connect a compatible adaptor (e.g. Alfa)
  • ifconfig (will show wlan0 is up but not connected to any network)
  • Look for wlan0
  • iwconfig (confirm that no networks are associated)
  • cd /etc/network
  • ls
  • nano interfaces
    • will probably show at least 2 entries
      • auto lo
      • iface lo inet loopback
      • auto eth0
      • iface eth0 inet dhcp
      • Add the following
      • auto wlan0
      • allow-hotplug wlan0
      • iface wlan0 inet dhcp (then tab)
        • wpa-ssid “yourssid”
        • wpa-psk “your password”
      • save the file
  • reboot
  • ssh root@<ip address from step above> (if IP address has changed then run nmap again)
  • ifconfig (should show wireless connection)




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